Married, check

(not J and I) Pic by <<1977>>
So…I married J.
I give up: Nothing makes sense to me, despite all my striving and struggling and trying to understand. Not even three years ago as I write this, I was in Shanghai trying to be an editor and wishing the man I had been with for four years would change his Facebook status from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship.” I came back to the States for a shot at a life that looked more like the one in my dreams, and I ended up with what was supposed to be a dream job in this little town in the Shenandoah Valley, and now I’m married…and unemployed. (-ish.)
J and I were on the same page from our first date, even though I hadn’t signed up for the whole soulmate package and I suspected there had to be some kind of mistake. But then, basically, I fell in love with the first guy who took me for pizza. When we talked about wanting to live on the beach and how much we didn’t want to get stuck making money to pay for super-sized houses in the suburbs, I realized I’d met the first man who wouldn’t try to hold me back or convince me that being miserable working 9-5 (and self-medicating with retail therapy) was perfectly acceptable. When he asked me to move in with him after a couple of months, it was only the natural next step.

by Alana Lyn

It wasn’t long before we were saying “I love you” and talking about our future, so I never wondered if we would get married, just when. We waited a year to get engaged out of a sense of propriety, and once we decided we wanted to elope, there wasn’t any reason to put off the wedding. 
Except…my mom about melted down when we said we didn’t want to include the folks, so what could I do? I’m such a big softie. We ended up having a tiny little ceremony with our moms and siblings at a little bed and breakfast and then we went for pizza at the same restaurant where we had our first date. We spent the New Year holiday, our honeymoon, drinking too much good wine and eating ridiculously fancy meals at nice restaurants. It was chill, it was fun, the hangovers were mild and the company was great. All in all, I give J two thumbs up as a life partner and I recommend marriage to anyone who’s looking for a good time. 

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