Now that it’s been an awkwardly long time…

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Excuse me while I self-deprecate for a moment…
So I tried moving this blog over to WordPress, and I liked it, but I couldn’t figure out how to move my e-mail address over there, and then everything was automatically renewed in January, and then I got married, and then I got laid off, and at this point I’ve written like 15 blog posts, and I wasn’t going to post anything until I had written 90 (à la Chris Guillebeau), but that’s taking me a super long time, and my attention is split between looking for work and working on our websites and housework and this half-marathon coming up and everyone I know who isn’t married already is getting married this summer and then ones who were already married are having kids…
And you know that sometimes you procrastinate for like a year about something that wouldn’t be that hard if you would just do it, except maybe you’re clever enough not to do it publicly and start passing your URL all around and basically telling people to come check out this blog that looks totally abandoned…
Anyway, you can cut me a little slack and I will do better with posting and with updating Facebook and Twitter (I pin like a fiend when the mood strikes, if you’re interested). I am reading Likeable Social Media right now (that’s not an affiliate link because I haven’t figured out the logistics of monetizing this blog yet) so hopefully that will help me be my natural charming self online and we can take this relationship (me and you, adoring public) to a whole new level. 
Exciting posts to come:
  1. I got married.
  2. I got laid off.
  3. I realized that had I married any of the men I had dated previously, I would not be very happy right now. And I counted my blessings.
  4. I concluded that pets are unneccessary expenses for the genuinely frugal household, but you can’t get rid of ’em, so I recommend you use coupons to buy their food.
  5. And more! J and I are taking this all in stride and hope to be a lot closer to our ideal lifestyle by the end of this year, and I’m excited about recording that journey here. I hope we -you and me- can talk about our goals and get enthusiastic about the future. I hope that when I look back at this post a year from now, I get all excited about how far I’ve come. 
    1. “The space between imagining and making real is very small.” -Judith F. Baca
    2. “The best way to do it is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart (Hey man, at least she died living.)
I wanted to put myself on a daily schedule, but I don’t think that will work for me (apparently posting once a year is an ideal schedule for me). I think I’ll just end up posting for the sake of posting and I’d rather post when I have something to say, so if we’re gonna be friends, let me be that flaky friend who’s a lot of fun when she shows up, but has a lot of other crazy stuff going on and can’t make it to every party. 
We cool?

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