3 Things I Learned from Pat Flynn’s Let Go

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Though I’ve listened to some podcasts by Pat Flynn before, I only checked out his site, Smart Passive Income, for the first time the other day. There was a big post about the success of his new ebook, Let Go, and it was only $3.99 for a Nook version, so got it and read it–in all of 30 minutes. It was like a superdose of caffeinated motivation. For the rest of the day I found myself meditating on a few ideas that resonated with me.

Here’s what I learned:

1. Devote yourself 100% to anything, and something will happen
As successful as Pat Flynn’s been online with his Smart Passive Income and Green Exam Academy, he was an ambitious and successful aspiring architect first. His ambition drove him to work harder and continue learning beyond what was minimally required of him, and his side project of blogging about studying for the LEED blew up and became successful without that being his intention. An opportunity might come from an unexpected direction when you’re out there hustling for something you want, but it’s not going to fall in your lap when you’re not doing anything at all.

2. Use all your time intentionally
Pat initially used his time on the train listening to music, and his story might have taken a very different turn if he ended there. Instead, he chose to fill that time with listening to inspiring and informative podcasts by two dudes I am learning to love: Jeremy and Jason of Internet Business Mastery. For four hours a day, he tuned into to podcasts by people enthusiastic and knowledgeable about building an online business, instead of tuning out.

3. If you aren’t going solo, make sure you have an awesome life partner
I loved reading how Pat’s wife responded to the scary news that her husband-to-be was being laid off. She told him it wasn’t his fault and they both moved back in with their parents to save money. She was totally supportive of him and willing to make some sacrifices as an investment in their future together. That’s the kind of person you need to be with if you have big goals that will take a long time to realize. It’s easier to go it alone than it is to try to reach your goals with a¬†dead weight¬†around your neck. Choose your partners wisely, in every part of your life.

If you’ve read the book, what parts meant the the most to you? What did you learn?

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