I was in a commercial!

I’ve said it before, but I really love my bank. It’s almost like I love my husband, like everyone who came before him was an asshole and I feel so lucky and so relieved to have finally met such a wonderful man. Every bank I dealt with before Dupont just left me feeling empty and unsatisfied, but now I really know how great a banking relationship can be. 
When I had the opportunity to fill out a customer satisfaction survey online, I gushed about how happy I was with the customer service and the terms of all the financial products at Dupont. Then their marketing company called me up and asked me if I wanted to be in a commercial, and it turns out that I most certainly did want to go on local television and the internet and tell people how much I loved my bank while wearing my favorite gray sweater on a good hair day. 
I am a total ham, so there’s that, and also I really do have good things to say about Dupont, but I was also very curious about what it’s like to shoot a commercial and work with people who do video camera stuff for a living. So, after eight hours of shaking hands, making coffee, and talking about every single little thing I like about Dupont, here is the one-minute result.

The funny thing is, I thought I would like just soak up the attention and channel my latent inner rockstar, but actually as soon as the camera was on me I got horribly self-conscious and fidgety. At least I could finally admit that I hadn’t actually missed my calling as an actress on the big screen. 
Anyway, I definitely had fun, I learned a lot, and I hope other people in the Shenandoah Valley go check out their local DCCU branch. 

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