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I made a list of ten things I wanted to see, do or try before we leave Virginia, knowing that if I’m not intentional about it, we’ll move and I’ll regret not doing so many things. Here’s the list:

  1. Chicken and waffles 
  2. Moonshine
  3. The Floyd Country Store Jamboree 
  4. A horseback trail ride 
  5. A summer weekend at Virginia Beach 
  6. King’s Dominion 
  7. Tubing 
  8. The Virginia Safari Park 
  9. Visit Roanoke 
  10. Hikes from Skyline Drive
Right after I made the list, J and I decided to book a trip to Roanoke that weekend. I’ve been wanting to go since I heard it was “a cuter version of Harrisonburg.”
I googled “best chicken and waffles” in Virginia, and there they were, at Thelma’s chicken and waffles in downtown Roanoke. So without much effort, I got to cross two things off my list.
Whoever decided that waffles doused in butter and syrup served with fried chicken was a good thing deserves like a Nobel Prize or something. This is like all my favorite things, with coffee and bloody Mary. My god…

Then, I got some tickets on sale for the Natural Bridge and Caverns. The Natural Bridge wasn’t on the list and I’m not sure why I omitted it, but J and I had talked about going when we first met. Specifically, he was happy that I wasn’t from Harrisonburg because we could do all the touristy stuff that local residents overlook. It only took us about 18 months, but I was totally stoked that we were fulfilling one of those early promises.

After that, we stopped at Foamhenge, which is, of course, an exact replica of Stonehenge, made out of foam. So there were giant blocks of Styrofoam on top of a hill at the end of an incredibly muddy road. I don’t know that it was as moving as the real thing, but it was so absurd there among the trees and the mountains that it really was almost mystical. It looked like it hasn’t been maintained, though. The paint was falling off  and you could see where people had scratched out little holes in the Styrofoam. Maybe it was a commentary on the impermanence of human creations in the face of natural forces…

I also tried my first cup of Cuban coffee. It was a coincidence that we found a little Cuban cafe because Jeremy was telling me all about Cuban coffee–super potent and served in tiny little cups–on the way down to Roanoke, so we were had to stop. It was awesome.

And after what was already a ridiculously awesome day (I did not even get a chance to tell you about the butterfly garden and the caves!) we went to the Safari Park. That was so cool that I have to write a separate post about it.

I’d like to point out, however, that all this is just testament to the power of writing things down so you can get things done. I’ve wanted to do the things on my list for the past two years, but there’s always been a reason to put them off. But we made hotel reservations and got tickets for Natural Bridge right after I made this list, and I’m so happy we finally did. I don’t want to leave with any regrets!

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