Chocolate memories

While I was doing some research for The Tabletop Cook, I came across this picture on a list of 25 weird things to eat with chocolate (not giving you that URL because the site seemed shady and there was a really annoying pop-up ad that started talking on that page):

And I’m like 90% sure that’s my photo from my old blog.

The management at my school in Taiwan wouldn’t get me the apples I requested for the candied apples I wanted to make. “Not in season, too expensive!” they said. They bought me cherry tomatoes and chocolate instead…I was frustrated, then I gave up. I didn’t have a back-up plan anyway. We skewered the tomatoes, melted the chocolate, spooned it over the skewers, and the kids devoured it while I just shook my head…

I don’t mind that this picture is getting around, but I think it’s funny that some people now think that chocolate-covered tomato skewers are a thing and not an English class assignment gone wrong.

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