Leap list: Drink local shine

Peach moonshine in a mason jar
Peach moonshine in a mason jar

“Be careful what you ask for, and you might just get it.”

That’s what I was thinking when a friend showed up at my door with the mason jar of peach moonshine that I had said I wanted. I didn’t think I would be able to stomach it. I didn’t think it would come in such a big jar.

J told me I should pour us each a glass. It wasn’t yet noon on a Sunday, but nobody mentioned it. I got the shot glasses out of the cupboard.

After all the stories I’d heard about moonshine that made people sick, crazy, and blind, I expected the scent alone to burn my nostrils. But it smelled delicately and unmistakably of ripe peaches. I poured two tiny glasses and braced myself for the burn in my chest, but instead it was pleasantly warm and not even harsh.

“This goes down a lot easier than I thought it would,” I told my buddy.

“Yeah, I know this is good stuff. I saw you wanted to try some and I figured you should try this because the guy who makes it is real careful. Not everybody does it right. Sometimes you get people trying to cut corners, and that stuff really will make you go blind.”


 Most intimidating drink you’ve ever had? Tell me about it in the comments. 

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