Living the dream?

any time spent being unhappy is wasted

Amateur Vagrant is collecting life stories for a new series called Living the Dream. This is a collection of Q&As with people who are doing what they want to do with their lives, professional or personal. The stories are inspiring as well as informative, with insight on what steps you need to take next on your own path toward your goals.

So far, I’ve talked to a zookeeper, a winemaker, and a pair of journalists who live on a houseboat, but if you’ve recently scored that office job you’ve been trying for and you love your rowhouse in the suburbs and the minivan parked outside, I still want to talk to you about how you got there and how much you enjoy it. Did you finally get up the courage to quit your life-sucking job and now you aren’t sure what’s next? I can’t wait to hear from you, either!

If you or someone you know is doing what they always wanted to do, being who they always wanted to be, or living where they always wanted to live (or all three!) get in touch with me at Rae[at] or on Twitter @AmateurVagrant and tell me how you’re living the dream!

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