I’m mostly cleansed

Keili eating hot pot at Mala Tang in Arlington
Me in my natural state: eating hot pot

Well, I got to Day 8 of my ten-day Master Cleanse, threw a major temper tantrum, and made myself a bowl of noodles.

I was impressed that I stuck to it so long, but disappointed that I didn’t quite finish. But then, it just got weird telling close friends that I hadn’t eaten solid food in a week, and even weirder telling myself that I didn’t need to eat, that I just needed to go a few days longer. I could lose a few pounds for health and happiness, sure, but I don’t have low self-esteem.

I still think that cleansing is a good idea in terms of giving your body a break, flushing out toxins, recalibrating your cravings, and minimizing your appetite. But I am also building a food website, and I spend all day researching recipes, writing about what we’ve eaten, and pinning pictures of delicious, delicious tabletop-cooked meals. Abstaining from food was just a little more than I could tolerate, emotionally and physically, when I literally have to think about it all day.

Ultimately, I lost about five pounds, but previous to that, I’d already lost ten pounds since this spring just by eating healthier, eating less, and exercising more. I expect that I might gain back that five pounds over the next couple of days, but I am not too broken up about it. Other than that, I don’t actually feel better or different in any way. I started a 30-day fitness program this week, so we’ll see how that goes.

The Master Cleanse was pretty expensive. The 1/2 gallon of local Virginian grade-B maple syrup cost $45,  plus I had to buy lemons, bottled water, and I splurged on a lot of herbal teas. Some sites said mint tea only, some didn’t specify, so I drank a lot of hibiscus tea, roiboos tea, unsweetened ginger tea, and of course, Smooth Move.

I get frustrated when I think about the fact that there are children starving in this world and I have to intentionally avoid eating from sunrise to sunset.  I know that by reducing the amount of animals products I consume, or eliminating some entirely (I don’t really have a taste for red meat anymore), that I reduce the burden on the world’s food sources by about one iota, but that doesn’t really comfort me.

I know some people do a Master Cleanse or two every year. I don’t know if I’ll be wanting to jump back on the wagon anytime soon, but I’d probably be willing to try a juice cleanse or something different in the future.

Have you ever done a cleanse? Would you? 

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