Big spider vs big cockroach

Taiwan has lots of Bugs of Unsual Size (B.O.U.S.s). The ones I hate the most are the spiders the size of a man’s hand and the cockroaches the size of mice. They are very upsetting. However, they are everywhere, even in the cleanest of houses. Living in a new building and/or on a high floor can minimize your chances of running across these creeps, or rather, minimize their chances of running across you, but you still have to wake up every morning knowing this might be something that happens to you today.

Taiwan spider in an apartment in Chungli Zhongli
A spider in my friend’s apartment in Chungli. He took the picture. I wouldn’t have stopped to pull out my camera.

I personally hate giant spiders AND giant cockroaches, but there is a portion of the population (definitely mostly local Taiwanese people or foreigners dating Taiwanese people) who think the spiders are better because they eat the cockroaches. As in, “I was going to kill that spider, but then I saw him eating a giant cockroach in the corner of my kitchen, and I decided he was a spiderbro.”

Second Taiwan spider in an apartment in Chungli Zhongli
Another spider in my buddy’s apartment. He lives in an old building. I’d move. Like leave all my stuff behind and just start over. His girlfriend is from Taiwan; she’s all like, “Don’t kill it, it eats the cockroaches!” Nope.

If I walked into my kitchen and saw a giant spider eating a giant cockroach, I’d have to move. It’d be like walking in on your grandparents doing it. You can’t unsee that. That is not okay. That is horrifying.

And seeing one of your grandparents naked instead of the other is not better. I refuse to choose. I don’t want to see either of these creeps in my living space. What do you say: are eight legs better than six?

big spider outside in Taiwan east coast
Bonus picture of an outdoor spider, taken somewhere on the east coast of Taiwan.

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