TGIF: Taiwan’s Got Insane Food (2)

So, I’m still looking for those doughnut hot dogs, though some people seem to think I’ve made them up. If I can’t find them soon, I will have to make them up.

In the meantime, here are some awesome…pastries? I found at a bakery. However! The bakery was Yamazaki, which is definitely a Japanese bakery, so Taiwan can’t take all the credit for being awesome this time.


spicy kimchi lunch pack at yamazaki bakery in chungli taiwan
This is a “spicy kimchi lunch pack”.
insane carbs of taiwan
Turns out that a spicy kimchi lunch pack is kimchi set between two pieces of white bread that are breaded in panko and fried. I actually liked it, but I like kimchi, white bread, and fried things. I don’t think I’d eat it again, though. I’d be the first to admit I don’t have a very healthy diet, and this does not need to be a part of it.
Pickles sandwich from Yamazaki bakery in Chungli Taiwan
This was called a “pickles sandwich.” It’s filled with a very salty, sour pickled vegetable that is kind of like sauerkraut. However, the bun was crazy sweet and even tasted a bit of peanuts. I like these vegetables as a ┬ácondiment with rice, but I only found this bun “interesting”, not delicious.
fried noodle bun from yamazaki bakery in chungli taiwan
Fried noodle bun: Breakfast of people who aren’t doing a damn thing for the rest of the day.

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