Eating kelp noodles

So yesterday I posted about finding almost-zero-calorie, no-carb, high-fiber noodles at the grocery stores here. I had wanted to tell you how we have been eating them at home, but I felt like the post was getting too long.

Here is how we eat them chez moi as a noodle soup.

1. Steam you some vegetables.
2. Get you some of this Japanese soup base in a bottle. Or make your own with this recipe from Just One Cookbook.
japanese soup base in a bottle
3. Boil some water in the kettle.

4. Rinse you off a bag of these noodles. Soak them in a bowl of hot, but not currently, boiling water for like a minute or so. You can toss that water out or use it to dilute your soup base.

korean and japanese kelp noodles

4. Pour some of the soup base over the noodles and add some more hot water as necessary. Add the soup base to taste. We make it a little strong, I think, but then we don’t drink it, we just eat the noodles.

5. Add the steam vegetables on top and anything else like spring onions or fresh cilantro if you like.

kelp noodle soup with steam vegetables

In case you noticed, yes, this is like a slightly more adult version of instant ramen. I’ve also used broth/bouillon powder and tom yum paste for the soup base and it’s never not been awesome. Also, you can toss in a little tofu or a hardboiled egg to make an even more substantial meal.

I really find this stuff very filling, like if I have this for lunch I don’t need to eat until dinner time, and even then I can eat sensibly. So, yay!

My fitness plan right now is basically lots of kelp noodles + hula hooping + red wine + green tea.

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