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"Out of the Office" by Marc Swarbrick is licensed under FreeImages.com Content License.
“Out of the Office” by Marc Swarbrick is licensed under FreeImages.com Content License.

I am writing 100 blog posts then posting them every day for 100 days. After that initial thrust, I would like to continue posting on a regular schedule, but I’ve disappointed myself with overpromises before so we’ll just see how it goes.

I started a blog a long time ago, maybe ten years ago. I bought a book on blogging back then. That’s how clueless I was (am): I bought a hardcover book on writing on the internet.

I have never been very cool, tech savvy, or trendy. I’m like an unintentional Luddite. I just don’t get the memos.

(Can someone explain to me how to use tumblr? Because I signed up, and I look through my feed, and none of it is the funny threads that I see on imgur.)

(I’ve been lurking on imgur since 2011. I don’t have an account.)

Anyway, I’ve dipped my toes in the water a bunch of times since then. I had a pretty good run for like six weeks back in 2013 when I was actually posting three times a week. But mostly I just felt like I was wondering around in a pitch-black room where I couldn’t even find the walls.

Right now, I’m also in a dark place, but it’s different. More like a dark woods where I am tripping over roots and running from shadows. I have 35 years behind me and I feel like I have nothing to show for it. None of the things I believed would just happen have happened. None of the stuff I thought I would have figured out by now has been figured out.

I really believe that if you are feeling bad about yourself, the best thing you can do is set yourself some tiny goals and start working toward them. Every time you accomplish something, you get a little boost of confidence. You need that confidence to accomplish bigger goals.

I set myself the goal of reading 100 books this year. I’m doing okay. At the time of writing this post right here, I’m a couple books behind, but I think that’s because I read some pretty epic books in the beginning of the year. A Brief History of Seven Killings was great, but that is a 700-page book.

Working through 100 books has been the first thing I felt like I could be proud of in a long time. Is that sad? I feel like it’s pathetic. But since I haven’t gotten much closer in ten years to my goal of “making a living writing best-selling memoirs” (I was dreaming of my own line of scented candles, y’all), I decided I should start smaller.

Reading the books hasn’t been hard at all. I actually do have free time (DINK here) and I’ve enjoyed it huge. The benefits are unending. And I’ve reclaimed my identity as a bookworm, which I felt I had no right to when I was only reading casually.

And now I’m writing 100 blog posts. I’m trying not to overthink the whole project or any one post in particular. A buddy of mine said you don’t have to be great every day, you just have to be there every day and great sometimes. I’d like to second-guess every sentence of every post I’m writing, but I don’t think that’s how people communicate in the Information Age.

See? I’m learning.

I am also motivated by the idea that if what you’re doing hasn’t been working, then you ought to try something different. I can think of a dozen reasons not to blog, like I’d rather be a short-story writer, etc. But it’s been ten years and I’m not a short-story writer, so maybe I had better try on a different hat.

Anyway, this is the project. This is what I’m doing. I make no promises about how I’ll post after these 100 posts are up, but who knows, maybe something good will come of it. Maybe at least I’ll learn how to not second-guess myself into the ground.


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