Attack of the flies

My friends had a party at 豆魚町露天燒烤. It’s Dou Yu Ding or, for the Zhongli foreigner crew, “the all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant across from Ai-Ga.” It’s very cool there. Nothing like it back home, I think, though it’s not very unique here.

The grills are in the middle of the table. They use charcoal. Everything is outdoors.

The meats and vegetables are frozen. You choose what you like from the buffet and bring it all back to your table to cook.

We always have a lot of fun.

On this night, it was raining. Hard. Just moving from the table to the buffet meant getting wet. But we are all troopers and we thought it was fun.

I saw a dead flying ant on my neighbor’s plate. We made a few jokes about grilling it, eating it…

Then a flying ant went down my shirt. I was reacting out of instinct so I pulled my shirt down, like waaaay down, thinking I would let the flying ant get out on its own. It just crawled around on my bra while everyone at the table laughed. J was like, “What are you doing?”

I really wasn’t thinking. I just wanted the bug out of my shirt.

And then…


Dead flying ants on the table; me behind the swarm
Dead flying ants on the table; me behind the swarm

I don’t even think these pictures clearly portray the number of flies we were dealing with. Like you might have to stare at the picture for a moment before all the flies come into focus, but for those of us who were there, we had to escape from them.

flies at dou yu ding restaurant in zhongli chungli taiwan

It was NUTS. Flies were swarming under every light. People abandoned their tables. We all figured it would be over soon, so we just covered the food as best as we could and went to the back where it was dark to wait it out. Everything was covered with dead bugs in minutes. We laughed it off, but for real, it was gross. The rest of the night we had to make sure we weren’t eating or drinking dead flying ants.

summer flying ants in the food in zhongli chungli taiwan barbecue restaurant


I guess that people in other countries (Guatemala?) eat them, so I tried to keep it all in perspective. Not like eating shrimp is any classier than eating insects. Shrimp are basically the cockroaches of the sea.

After that, our friends started pelting each other with water balloons. There was a designated area, but they were not staying in it.

I’ve been to this place a lot, but this was definitely the craziest night I’ve ever had there.

Christmas is forever
Christmas is forever/through June

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