Saturday is drinks day here at Amateur Vagrant, unless I post about something else.

This is just a brief introduction to what every backpacker, English teacher, and expat high-schooler in Asia already knows and loves: the bucket.

Fancy buckets with fruit
Fancy buckets with fruit

Have you ever thought to yourself how cool it would be if your favorite cocktail were like ten times bigger than usual and came in a container with a handle?

The the bucket is for you.

think the original recipe is a bottle of the Thai rum, Sangsom, and Coke, poured over ice in an actual bucket (the kind you played with at the beach as a kid). However, you can also add an energy drink like Red Bull or the equivalent, or you can do other combinations like whiskey-and-coke or vodka-and-whatever.

We got these buckets after we got caught in a crazy rainstorm in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Like it was practically raining buckets…

Anyway, we ran to shelter in front of some abandoned mall because we didn’t know where else to go, and then we were kind of stuck there because the rain was so intense and we couldn’t get back to the train station. So we ordered drinks. I think it was a piña colada bucket and a mai-tai bucket because we are fancy.

amateur vagrant thai buckets pina colada me and j

When you order a bucket, you usually get a handful of straws in it, too, because you’re meant to drink it with friends. If you make a bucket with a whole bottle of rum, maybe don’t drink it by yourself, right? That would be gross if not downright dangerous.

Anyway, next time you want to do something ridiculous with alcohol, you can try making a bucket with you and your friends.

amateur vagrant thai buckets me drinking

Here’s another post from another blog with more pictures and info about Thai buckets. He promises some tips for safe bucket-drinking at the end, but then the post just ends with no more information, which I feel is a commentary on how dangerous it can be to drink this much tasty alcohol.

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