Health check at Landseed Hospital in Zhongli

Because some of you might have to get your health check done without any help, I thought I’d do this post to sort you out.

I went to the Landseed Hospital in Zhongli.

My healthy check cost NT$1400 (July 13, 2016).

I believe it’s NT$200 cheaper to do the health check in Taoyuan, but I prefer to do it at Landseed. Landseed is closer to my house and nicer.

Also Landseed doesn’t do a pregnancy test which requires peeing into a cup and waiting around for twenty minutes, all of which sucks.

They rely on the honor system:
X-ray technician: You have baby?
Me: No.
X-ray technician: Okay.

Bring money, 2 passport-sized photos, your ARC or your passport, and your health card, if you have it. 

I forgot to bring my photos, but they told me I could just bring them when I go pick up my health check in a week. How convenient!

You can get your health check from 8 a.m. -11a.m. or 1p.m.-4p.m. on weekdays. They also have Saturday hours. Ask at the information desk. I usually budget a couple of hours (like a free morning or afternoon) because when it’s crowded, it can take a while to cycle through all the stations you need to hit to get your tests done.

I usually go in the mornings, but this time I went on a Wednesday afternoon. I was basically the only person there and I was done in about 15 minutes. I don’t know that it’s always like that in the afternoon, but that’s a situation I’d like to recreate in the years to come.

(FYI: When I went back to pick up my documents on a Wednesday morning, it was super crowded! I had to wait 30 minutes just to sign for an envelope!)

If you can’t speak much Chinese, just be polite and patient. The staff doesn’t speak much English and they have to administer the same tests over and over again to clueless foreigners from all different countries who don’t understand any Chinese. Sometimes they seem a bit frustrated. Don’t take it personally! I try to speak Chinese and be smiley.

Okay, here’s the drill.

Here’s the entrance to Landseed Hospital.

The entrance to Landseed Hospital in Zhongli.
The entrance to Landseed Hospital in Zhongli.

The Outpatient building entrance is toward the left, behind this column.

amateur vagrant landseed hospital health check for foreigners teachers arc entrance

When you enter the building, go to the right, down the stairs to the Health Check Center on B2.

(To the left, there is an information desk, but I’ve never met anyone there who spoke any English at all.)

amateur vagrant landseed hospital health check center B2 sign

So from here, obviously, you go the left. Then you’ll see signs indicating that the health check center is on the right (past the bathrooms on the right).

amateur vagrant landseed hospital healthy check zhongli taiwan sign for health checkup center

In here, there are some nurses behind a table to the right. They will handle your paperwork. You’ll give them your ID and your insurance card, if you have it. Usually they can speak just a little English.

They will register you and send you back down the hall to pay before you get started. You exit this room and walk to the left past the bathrooms and the stairwell all the way to the end of the hall where it curves and leads right into the “Registration and Payment” office.

amateur vagrant landseed hospital health check zhongli taiwan registration and cashier desk sign

If there’s no one here, just walk to the desk and hand the person there your paperwork so they know what to charge you. If there are people already waiting, you might have to take a number.

The person there will stamp your paperwork and give you a receipt. Now walk yourself back down to the Health Check Center.

Now you are like a dog at the groomer’s. Nurses will take your blood, check your blood pressure, test your vision, and weigh and measure you, all without saying much to you. This has been my experience at every hospital for every check for all the years I’ve been here. They’re just being efficient, which means getting you out of there as quickly as possible.

The nurses also instructed me as to when I should take a number to see the doctor, who I saw right away in a private exam room. He listened to my heart and asked me a few questions about my medical history, medications, etc. If you don’t have any health concerns, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Then the nurses sent me down the hall for a chest x-ray.

amateur vagrant landseed hospital health check zhongli taiwan sign for the x-ray room

Just hand your paperwork to the person behind the desk, then go into a dressing room and put on a blue robe. No shirt, no bra, no jewelry, and put all your hair up if you have long hair.

The x-ray technician told me, “no underwear” but she definitely only meant “no bra.” Just FYI.


amateur vagrant landseed hospital health check zhongli taiwan how to put on your robe for the xray
How to put on the lovely hospital gown for your x-ray.


So flattering.
So flattering.

After you do the x-ray, change back into your clothes. Put the blue robe in the big bin in the changing room. Gather all your paperwork and take it back to the Health Check Center and give it to the nurses at the “reception” desk there. They will confirm that you’re good to go. You’ll have to come back in a week to pick up your paperwork so you submit it when you apply for your work permit/ARC. (They gave me two copies.)

That is all! If you have any other questions, you can ask me.

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