Joe’s burger-mobile

I must have passed Joe a dozen times on my morning walk before he finally waved me over one morning. I noticed his burgers looked pretty tasty, but I was always coming home from my morning walk and it seemed kinda pointless to get up early to exercise and then have a good-looking burger for breakfast.

But Joe cooks his burgers on a griddle in a box on the back of his scooter, and there’s no denying that it was a pretty cool setup.

And there were always people waiting around.

There are actually a lot of options: tomato, pickle, onion, cheese, double burger, and a supreme. He also has pickled japalepenos and he isn’t afraid to share them.

He even has cold-brewed coffee that he’s proud of. It really wasn’t bad!

Joe also speaks incredible English, so if you’re new to town and you see him making amazing burgers on the back of his scooter, don’t be scared to ask for one.

When we lived by Sogo, Joe was our go-to guy for any pre-travelling breakfasts: He parks his scooter on Cihui Third Street til about 11 every morning.

(Now that we live near the night market, we just get tangbao from the stall by the bus terminal.)

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