My 10 worst habits

  1. I’m a social smoker. I hate smoking, I get it. It’s gross. But I smoked regularly for a while and then I quit. Pretty much. But once I have a few drinks, I really want a cigarette. Fortunately, I don’t drink nearly as much as I did in my twenties, so it’s only a couple cigarettes on Saturday nights. I know I’d be better off going cold turkey, though.
  2. I peel my fingernails off. I don’t know how else to describe it. I have really soft fingernails, and when they get a little bit long and I get a little bit anxious, I bite the corners and peel off the tops. I’ve tried to take supplements, etc, to get harder nails, but nothing has worked for me.
  3. I pop my pimples. OMG SO GROSS. I totally blame my mom. I’m 35 and I still blame her. She used to chase me around when I got my first zits and pop them against my will. (SO GROSS, MOM.) Then when I had bad skin all through my teens, that was like how I dealt with my anxiety about my face: by making big, ugly, scabby sores all over. I still get zits and I still pop ’em. So gross.
  4. I play with my hair. All the time. I stop when I realize what I am doing, but I don’t even realize it most of the time.
  5. I interrupt people. I am so sorry, everyone. I am just like an obnoxious fourth-grader sometimes. You say something and it reminds me of something I HAVE TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW and I jump in, then I catch myself and I started apologizing and it’s so awkward because we’re all adults and we all know I’m the asshole.
  6. I hate brushing my teeth before bed. I don’t know why. I am much better about it now that I’m married. J always brushes his teeth like an adult and I can usually talk myself into it by telling myself how gross it would be for him to share a bed with someone who has morning breath all night.
  7. I shop when I’m anxious. I don’t really run up my credit cards or anything, so that’s good. Just going to a thrift store or buying some new school supplies will do the trick. Even getting my hands on some free books is fine. But when I get all worked up about something, it seems like getting some new stuff distracts me and makes me feel better for a while. It’s stupid, though, because I would really rather try to stick with trying to have a simple life and not being so dependent on stuff.
  8. Sometimes I pick my nose. Sorry, world. I wash my hands…
  9. If I forget to take my disposable contacts out before I get into bed, then I take them out and drop them on the floor. I have to sweep them all up every couple of weeks.
  10. I shed. That’s not my fault, really, though. But I shed and there are always long brown hairs everywhere on everything a though we owned a lhasa apso.

This chick gives me hope.

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