Paris Bar Zhongli, Taiwan

Three amigos: magic bartenders
Three amigos: magic bartenders

My bartending buddies Roy and Taryi, formerly of The River, have combined forces to take over Paris. Lucky for us, it’s right in our neighborhood where there aren’t many other bars. Now it’s one of our favorite places to go.

The cocktails are not cheap: they are made with fresh, quality ingredients and a lot of style. Taryi and Roy bartend professionally and competitively, collaborating on developing new drink recipes with surprising ingredients like ginger and green tea.

We love the mojitos made with fresh mint and grapefruit juice. Ask for their Cosmos Duck if you want to try a Paris-original that tastes like a juicy twist on boozy ginger duck broth.

Grapefruit mojitos with fresh blueberry garnish
Grapefruit mojitos with fresh blueberry garnish

Watching them make a drink is like foreplay for drinking.

You can always get a Heineken or a Corona if you have other financial priorities.

The music is very good. When they are on their best behavior, soft jazz transforms this warm-blue space into the background for scenes from 1920s Paris. When the place is full of friends, you might be bobbing your head to some nineties hip-hop.

No matter what the music, though, the vibe here is chill and drama-free. There’s no room to dance and no walls to flower upon. It’s an intimate space for being with your favorite people.

amateur vagrant paris bar zhongli taiwan vodka tonic
A very special vodka tonic

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