Harvest Time

I hate myself when I get a sandwich at Harvest Time. The sandwiches are fine, not bad, and sometimes you’re in the mood for a sub and not another fried chicken lunchbox, and that’s cool.

But this sign. This f*&%ing sign right here. This sign is bullshit.

harvest time zhongli sign

This sign is a LIE. I like jalapenos on my sandwich, and these people will give you like one jalapeno for every three inches. That means out of your whole sandwich, you only get two bites with a jalapeno. WHERE IS THE BALANCE?

There is no fucking formula. There is only people being stingy. How about all the customers who don’t want jalapenos on their sandwiches? Can I have their jalapenos?

But there is no parking in front of the Subway by the movie theater…

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