His cucumber video


A badass Egyptian woman gives an aggressive cat-caller a dose of his own medicine in this awesome video. The filmmaker Sharine Arif tells the story of Nora Labib, a woman who refuses to be a victim of cat-calling.

This could only have been better if a bunch of women then beat him up with the heels of their shoes. Goddamn. I really thought this was a beautiful thing.

It’s scary, though, to think how this reaction could have gone wrong. Perhaps in a less crowded place, this guy would have gotten violent. Why? Because men who behave like this are predators, inspired by a sense of entitlement, and any questioning of that entitlement is a personal attack that left unanswered becomes a diminishment of their masculinity and themselves.

But I hope every woman who can, every victim of a bully, gets to enjoy this feeling of being able to stand up for themself.


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