If on a winter’s night a traveler

Well this has got to be one of the best introductions to a novel I’ve ever read. I’m actually nervous about starting the book now because I’ve got to be at work in two hours…

Any book lover is gonna at least crack a smile at the list of locations and positions you can try to read, and also the lists of reasons you haven’t read all the books you want to read. Life is really too short!

If you haven’t read any books by Italo Calvino, my friend, well your to-read list just got way longer because dude was prolific and brilliant. I started with Cosmicomics and I suggest you do the same, if you’re down with suggestions. His stories are wacky, but playful vs masturbatory, which I feel like experimental or very ambitious fiction writers can be. He leads you to a whole new world, but it’s all a big joke that’s funny because it’s true: he is a sharp observer of human nature.

Anyway, nothing I say is gonna do him justice. So glad to have decided on If on a winter’s night a traveler as my latest read, though. I’m still five books behind for my 100-book challenge, and this could be one I devour in a day or two.

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