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I have been feeling guilty about not blogging, but I have three or four hobbies that require more of my attention than I am giving them any given week. I consider cutting back, but limiting myself to just one goal at a time only guarantees I will waste more time watching TV or fucking about on Facebook. At least now when I am not writing, I am reading or hula hooping or playing guitar.

A much more successful woman than me once wrote that you ought to blog consistently so that your readers can learn to depend on you; that you ought to be the kind of friend you would want to have. That was my goal for a long time, realized now and then in brief spurts at the expense of everything else I enjoy doing, until I recognized that I have never been that kind of friend to anyone, and I don’t even appreciate that kind of friend. There are very few people I want to see regularly, and even fewer people that I want to see often. And it’s been my experience that the most dependable and reliable friends are the ones who demand dependability and reliability in return, which is fair, but that yoke chafes. I’ll take my chances with the flakes and the free spirits, knowing that my husband, my mom, and my siblings are never more than a phone call away.

A friend suggested that I do a kind of link round-up with all the things I have read. I took it as a compliment, with maybe the implication that I am posting too damn much on Facebook. Fair enough! I’ve tried spreading it over Instagram, Twitter, and my Facebook pages, but the tendency only seems to increase with the number of outlets. Somebody just needs to pay me to curate content. Until then, here is my latest version of a link round-up: all the tabs that I have open on my computer and phone, and maybe a few of the best things I’ve shared on Facebook or seen elsewhere.

Beautiful Taiwan, #nofilter #taichung

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This is the first iteration, but I can’t promise it won’t be the only one. I can guarantee it won’t reappear at regular intervals.

      • I enjoy everything I read on Avidly. I just found this link to their stories about teaching. I wonder if I could submit something there? Anyone want to hear about the trials of being an introverted teacher with ADHD who is hypersensitive to noises?
      • Is everybody getting these Master Class ads all over Facebook now? I finally clicked on the one for James Patterson’s class. (This is not an affiliate link; I don’t make any money from anything on this site.)
      • Then I found this article written by writer Joyce Maynard who took Jame’s Patterson’s Master Class, James Patterson Teaches Writing. It didn’t compel me to sign up for the course, but it was a fun read.

        One woman wanted to know how she might protect herself from the danger that someone, seeing her writing on the site—including Mr. Patterson himself, perhaps—might rip it off. Having seen her work, I might have told her not to worry.    

        See how mean I can be? James Patterson would never say anything like that to one of his students, or dampen, in any way, their aspirations. To James Patterson, any one of us out there taking this class may be the next James Patterson. And if we aren’t… well, you don’t have to become Jimi Hendrix to get some joy out of fooling around on the guitar. And let’s not forget, Buddy Holly only played three chords.


      • I’m watching the 2014 movie Somewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere on Netflix. It’s a Taiwanese movie about two friends who spend six months traveling around the island. Here’s a review from the Taipei Times.
      • I always have a Goodreads tab open these days. I am trying to read 110 books this year. I’ve been two books behind for a couple of weeks now, but it’ll be okay.
      • Texas is often stereotyped as a bastion of the backward and conservative, a state where oppressive “family values” reign supreme, but things are starting to look left, according to this article from Harper’s.
      • Deeply disturbing: a black Muslim teen disappeared from his home in Seattle and was found a month later, hanged from a tree. With no history of mental illness or suicidal tendencies, the family is struggling to find out what happened to their beloved son.
      • Jeff Sessions is a liar who never should have been confirmed in the first place.
      • The French are laughing at our ridiculous president. I want to join them, if they’ll even let my American ass in after all this.
      • When you see a human being like Alicia Keys doing this musical impression game not only with Jimmy Fallon but also The Roots, and they have all these gigantic arsenals of talent, knowledge, and experience, cultivated over a lifetime…I am not sure that all humans are the same species. Or some of us should really just have gone to vocational school. Maybe I should be a truck driver. Hey Mav, you know the name of that truck driving school? Truck Master I think it is. I might need that.
      • In her essay We Brown Women, Miriam Rahmani unpacks the bigotry and hypocrisy in the language of the executive order/Muslim-ban “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES.”

Who, after all, doesn’t want to be protected?

I don’t. My sisters don’t. Not this way, not by this administration, not by the white man.

    • 8 Feminists to Watch in 2017 from
    • I am wading through Simone de Beauvoir’s little book The Ethics of Ambiguity now, and I’ve queued up some supplementary reading for when I’m done. It’s been a damn long time since I’ve read a straight philosophy book and it is not like riding a bicycle. Having spent nearly a decade teaching ungrateful tiny people their ABCs has not been sufficient to keep my brain in peak form.
    • Knowing that Ruth Bader Ginsberg not only takes time to work out every day, but also could probably kick my butt, does not make me feel good about myself.
    • Whenever I want to start working out, this is where I have to start: 5 Simple Solutions for Anterior Knee Pain. (Apparently, I need to activate my glutes. If I am not actually a lazy ass, I do have one.)

And I’ll stop here. This list is actually only the tabs I had open on my computer, but I have about 50 open on my phone (don’t you judge me!) and this has already gone on long enough.

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