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i am rediscovering my high-school interest in impressionism:

Victorine Meurent in Manet's Olympia
Victorine Meurent in Manet’s Olympia

Victorine Meurent is remembered as Manet’s favorite model and the nude star of his controversial paintings le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe and Olympia, but in this 2008 article, the Guardian explains that she was also a painter in her own right and who SURPRISE SURPRISE has been abused when not neglected by history. i mean she got into the 1876 Salon when Manet was rejected which you can look back and say that doesn’t mean much because what ended up in the Salon was not always what history has celebrated but you’d be an ass not to acknowledge how prestigious that was at the time.

Meurent's own Palm Sunday
Meurent’s own Palm Sunday

the BBC has a three-part (three hours) factual docudrama on the Impressionists on youtube

do you have to be racist, sexist, or otherwise an asshole to be funny? i was like NO WAY but then i read this article on the fader wherein they interviewed six actual comedians and now i’m like “he value of making my joke funny is far more important than the value of making my joke comfortable” which still kinda sounds like bullshit to me?

and now i am remembering wanda sykes’s bit about the detachable pussy, widely-hailed as like the one funny joke about rape (though for my money vagina dentata are pretty funny)

you can’t actually start talking about clarice lispector without noting that nobody knows who she is, but for somebody that we usually get to be like “you probably haven’t heard of her”, she keeps showing up in my life: here’s a podcast of a couple of her short stories on selected shorts (fucking listen to it, the writing and the reading are amazing) and here’s a review of a book I now want to read, based on lines from a Lispector story:

Having no dolls to play with, and maternity already pulsating terribly in the hearts of those orphans, the sly little girls had concealed another girl’s death from the nun. They hid the corpse in a wardrobe until the nun left, and played with the dead girl, giving her baths and little snacks, punishing her just so they could kiss her afterward, consoling her.

samanatha irby god among women delivered the truth about shitty people on social media: block them and pretend they died

every time someone’s internet presence feels like a personal attack on my life i first try to have compassionate thoughts like “what if something terrible is happening in her life?” because even though we know it isn’t there’s still a very slim chance hell is real and i’d like to have a plausible defense of my actions on earth should there be some sort of way to argue my way out of damnation. but then i think, “well if she were actually suffering there’s no way she’d be spamming me links to all these pyramid schemes” and my guilt evaporates just long enough for me to click that block button so i can move on with my day. i’m a patient person and hesitant to alienate anyone who might have fifteen dollars lying around to buy my books, but it dawned on me the other day that for me, the internet has to be a meticulously curated digital space in which your uncle’s vaguely racist tweets have no place.

Roxane Gay on feminism and her book Difficult Women at the Appel Salon at the Toronto Public Library.

so i’m like a casual spectator of financial blogs and early retirement blogs like mr. money mustache and budgets are sexy, and a lot of them are committed to FIRE, which stands for Financially Independent, Retired Early…but since that requires busting your ass for however many years at first, and since a lot of those people who achieve it end up doing something that looks a whole lot like work anyway, this dude is advocating for HEAT: Half-Employed, Adjusted Living. that sounds kinda like what we are doing out here teaching english except for not really saving and not investing

this American Life episode on Afrofuturism. it’s on my to-listen list.

apparently abraham lincoln thought that once emancipated it would be a good idea for black americans to just remove themselves from the country since their presence was causing so much trouble among whites…but since it was black americans labor–blood, sweat, and tears–that built up the country, why should they leave? but how tragic is it to stay in a country where you sometimes feel you aren’t wanted? or to feel like there’s no country that really wants you? from Avidly

so in 2017 oh forget it nothing surprises me at this point, lord help us. some actual paid intellectuals think that white bourgeois culture is actually superior to other cultures and wrote an op-ed touting the awesomeness of family values and respect for authority…
look, those phrases are like 500lb suitcases that shouldn’t be tossed around carelessly and would take forever to unpack

This cultural script began to break down in the late 1960s. A combination of factors — prosperity, the Pill, the expansion of higher education and the doubts surrounding the Vietnam War — encouraged an anti-authoritarian, adolescent, wish-fulfillment ideal — sex, drugs and rock-and-roll — that was unworthy of, and unworkable for, a mature, prosperous adult society. This era saw the beginnings of an identity politics that inverted the color-blind aspirations of civil rights leaders like the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into an obsession with race, ethnicity, gender and now sexual preference.

ugh i remember being spoonfed this pap at my conservative christian college…anybody else have to read Slouching Towards Gomorrah?


here’s a giant long interview with somebody about george harrison if that’s what you’re into. i was going to read it but i think if i just closed the tab and moved on i wouldn’t feel that bad.

yup. i feel fine.

Can the science of purpose help explain white supremacy? A sense of purpose makes us physically and psychologically stronger. But what if your purpose is hateful and destructive?

i am literally just copying and pasting stuff now i’m gonna call it

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