lady of the flies

so EVERYONE is very upset that there is going to be a remake of the lord of the flies movie with an all-girl cast

i have never seen the lord of the flies movie. that doesn’t even sound like something i would want to see.

how can we make this book that is widely assigned in high-school english classes even better? let’s make a movie!

i read the lord of the flies in ninth grade, and then in tenth grade i watched the mission for a religion class, and by the end of the movie i was literally telling my teacher that i thought i needed jesus, and i cited that book and that movie as arguments in support of my conclusion

but what i remember from it now is like…boys…fruit…samneric…piggy…some boys were mean…they tried to kill a pig for meat….and sodomized either piggy or the actual pig. and then classroom conversations about the decent into anarchy, civilization as a force to constrain our baser impulses, etc.

i do not remember talking about toxic masculinity, though in hindsight i think that would have been appropriate.

anyway i don’t feel prepared to jump into these public conversations about a remake of the lord of the flies movie with an all-girl cast except that people i really respect and love to listen to, like roxane gay, are like

and if she does mean “a bunch of girls probably wouldn’t have sodomized a pig or another girl with a stick” then i am on the same page

but if she does mean–and lots of people seem to agree with this sentiment coming up in 3, 2, 1–that “a group of young women stranded on an island wouldn’t be horrible to each other”, then i disagree

and i know lots of women who disagree

i am firmly of the opinion that if you say things like “i don’t get along with other women” or “i’m not like other girls” then you have got a lot of reading and thinking to do. that shit is misogynistic, it reveals that you devalue the feminine and you get off on male attention, and btw the kind of male attention you get when you act like that is not the kind you can take to the bank. “girls are like so full of drama” is a phase and the faster you work through it, the better it is for all of us.

[better to be a complete misanthrope like me]

but i don’t think that being stranded with a bunch of women would be anything like a picnic.

i think the differences in these plots would be like the differences between being in a women’s prison and being in a men’s prison. i don’t watch OITNB, but i suspect being in a women’s prison is less horrible than being in a men’s prison, but not something you’d actual volunteer to do because it’s still pretty fucking awful.

but the thing is, there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more men in prison than women, because on the whole, men just do more ridiculous shit.

and men are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more responsible for violent crimes

so odds are, you’d be physically safer stranded on an island with a group of women than men.

less rape, but also less bacon.
[interesting how those things might be related]

and i think part of that is because of the way women are socialized: to be non-confrontational, non-violent, helpful, attentive, empathetic, etc. and i’m sticking with “socialized to be like that” and not “innately more like that” because i have adhd and a lot of the symptoms are the opposite of feminine, and anyway being feminine in almost any case ends up being more work (and more money, which is more work, etc.)

it’s just i don’t even think i could handpick a group of women i would get along with, and it’s not because they’re women, but because we’re humans: take away our indoor plumbing and our costco cards, and we’re bald monkeys. in order to feel secure in our access to resources, which would include the support and labor of the group, we’d start doing shit like cliquing off and limiting other people’s access to resources


but yeah still…not getting the juiciest mangoes is not the same as sodomizing a pig (or a kid…) with a stick. i can appreciate the distinction.

there is a really rigorous selection process to see who gets to stay in the international space station. shoot, there is a really rigorous selection process to see who gets to work at google, and they STILL ended up with some halfwit who thinks menstruation is why girls are bad at math and science, or something. i’m just saying that a group of random women might not necessarily have all the ingredients for an island paradise.

i was thinking like what about that new book The Girls, by Emma Cline? kinda-sorta about the girls in the charles manson cult but then oh, yeah, they didn’t like make up killing people on their own, there was still a dude behind it.

and what about those hazing scenes from dazed and confused that i hate so much? but i hate them because the older girls are basically grooming the younger girls into like participating in the patriarchy with all the guys watching, which definitely makes me think loads of that would not be happening if the guys weren’t watching…since male attention is such a limited, desirable resource…

i do bet that a remake of the lord of the flies movie with an all-girl cast which by the fucking way is being written by two dudes, is going to at least sort of be an excuse to have 15 year-old girls mud wrestling in bikinis and leaf skirts

i will reread the lord of the flies presently and see if that changes my opinion. also later i think we should talk about our favorite women-stranded-on-an-island-creating-their-own-society stories because mine is Solitude by Ursula K. Le Guin, although it only sort-of fits the description. i just really love that story and if i could have that set-up but a) kids are optional; b) books exist; c) there’s wine; and d) we rode horses around, i’d have to call that paradise.

also i’m going to do a post on how my inability to believe that a bunch of women would get along well stranded on an uninhabited island might be a projection of my own insecurities

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