this plant right here

This plant won’t die.

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This plant right here was in our old apartment when we moved in a year and a half ago. The girl who was moving out said, “This plant was here when we got here, so, yeah…”

It was growing out of a hole in a rock that was rubber-cemented to a little ceramic saucer. It was kind of cool, insofar as you were like, “Whoa, how does that plant grow out of that hole in the rock?”

We cat-sat for a friend for like a month, and this cat had a thing about eating houseplants. We tried to keep her away from them, but every now and then she’d get on my desk unobserved and start nomming on my plants. She ate the leaves right off this one, so I knew it was gonna die cause a plant can’t survive without leaves.

But it didn’t die. The leaves grew back. At first, there was just a tiny green bud, and it took a couple of weeks, but then the little leaves came back.

I watered it every now and then, but I knew it was gonna die cause it was stuck in that tiny hole in a rock.

We moved to the new place and I brought it with me. I noticed the rubber cement was loose now and I pulled the rock right off the tray. Then I saw that the hole was perfectly round, probably drilled in the rock, but not much bigger than my finger. There was some dirt in there, but it was the same dirt that had been there since whenever this plant was stuck in the rock.

I could only get the plant out of the rock by pulling it out roots first. I was careless and some of the leaves fell off again, or maybe they would have fallen off anyway. But I knew they would grow back. I planted it in a bigger pot with some fresh soil, gave it some water and stuck it in the window where it would get at least a little sunlight.

Now the leaves are back, as big as ever, and a second stem is growing out the top.

I love this plant. It hardly needs dirt or water or sunlight, just a little of the basics and it’ll slowly keep doing what it’s supposed to do: grow.

Anyone know what kind of plant this is, besides badass?