The Brand New Testament movie review

I watched The Brand New Testament as soon as I could after seeing the trailer. Totally dig any project that purports to pursue the answer to the age-old question: What if God were one of us?

According to this film, He’d be a giant asshole in Bruxelles, which would be a veritable Garden of Eden if God weren’t such a maladjusted sadist. There is a nod to the fact that he might be a bored genius, which of course I can totally empathize with, but nonetheless He’s a bastard who enjoys other humans’ pain and suffering. He finds it amusing, from drafting Murphy’s laws to orchestrating terribly ironic human tragedies like not being able to spend your life with the one person you love. He’s the cosmic-scale version of the shitty kid who for laughs stomps out ants and pulls the legs off spiders. Continue reading “The Brand New Testament movie review”